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Beautiful Baby Names for 2023





Get ahead of the trends and be inspired by Beautiful Baby Names for 2023. Names have been hand selected by name author Lori Howarth.


Lori has been writing baby name books since 2000 and is a self-confessed name nerd. Beautiful Baby Names for 2023 features names that have been sourced from 97 different languages from around the world, including Native American, Australian Aboriginal, New Zealand Maori, African, Italian, Greek, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, European and so many more!

Everything Old is New Again is an additional section in Beautiful Baby Names for 2023. It is a salute to previous generations and the beautiful names of our beloved grand-parents' & great grandparents' generations and should be revisited and considered for 2023 and beyond.

Beautiful Baby Names for 2023 is also very inclusive with the use of unisex/gender-neutral names and is multicultural with names from 97 different languages from around the world.

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Also available in Kindle

House & Farm Names





House & Farm Names explores the tradition of house naming and may inspire you to find a name that could add value to your home.


Be inspired by the most popular house names: Rose Cottage, Highview, Fairview and The Cottage. Foreign languages, The Chateau, Bella Vista, Belvoir, Aberdeen and Lilli Pilli. House names in literature & the movies: Wuthering Heights, Manderley, Mansfield Park, Avalon and The Hundred Acre Wood. Tara, Wayne Manor, Melrose Place and even Game of Thrones: Winterfell, Casterley Rock, The Eyrie, Blackwater and The Vale. Famous houses: Balmoral, Windsor Castle, The White House, Graceland, Neverland and Sandringham House.


Need a name for your Beach house? Seaview, Golden Sands, Seashells and Fantasea. Or farm? Black Stallion Ranch, Blue Sky Ranch, River Farm, Mountain View and Eagleview.

Feeling nostalgic? 

Mull over naming your house after your favourite song:  Love Shack, Satisfaction, Moondance, Eagle Rock, Tequila Sunrise, The

Joshua Tree or Lego House.


Whatever your preference for a name, you’ll find something to motivate you to find the perfect name for your perfect home. 

Also available in Kindle

Beautiful Baby Names for 2020

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Find the perfect name for your perfect baby


Beautiful Baby Names is a collection of modern and traditional names from all over the world. The hard work of sifting through the weird and the wonderful world of baby naming has been done for you by baby name author of 75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century, now nearly 20 years in publication.. 


Beautiful Baby Names contains just that, Beautiful Baby Names. Some names are traditional, others more exotic, all have one thing in common, a beauty and radiance that you will fall in love with.


Also available in Kindle


Baby names

for the 21st Century

Global Baby Names ~ Celebrating Diversity

global baby names.jpg

Find the perfect name for your perfect baby

Global Baby Names, Celebrating Diversity is a multicultural baby name book that also embraces ancient, traditional, modern and fashionable baby names. It has the largest array of spelling variations to promote individualism. Diversity extends further with unisex names included. There is a name for everybody. Over 200 languages are included in this book, from Maori, Australian Aboriginal, Fijian, Native American, Old English, Old French, Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Middle Eastern, Italian, Greek and so many more! It also includes names of characters from Game of Thrones: Cersei ~ Arya ~ Daenerys ~ Theon ~ Tyrion ~ Sansa ~ Jaime ~ Brienne ~ Bran ~ Jorah and so many more!

Also available in Kindle

Lori Howarth has been writing baby name books since 2000 & her book 75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century was in print for 20+ years.


75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century is the largest collection of baby names available in Australia and possibly the world! 

 Modern, traditional and global names are represented to give new parents a culturally diverse and imaginative range of baby names.

 Each name has an easy-to-understand meaning and includes the widest array of spelling variations.Names have been taken from over 200 languages including Maori, Australian Aboriginal, Native American, Japanese, Chinese and even ancient languages such as Gothic, Assyrian and Phoenician as well names from the modern and hipster eras.​

Find the perfect name

for your perfect baby.

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USA & Australian covers 

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