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Hi, I'm Lori Howarth and I live on the beautiful mid north coast of NSW, Australia with my husband, twins and two Malshi dogs. 

I love spending time with family and friends, going on long drives, walks on the beach, beachcombing and exploring pine forests for mushrooms, gold or gems. I’m just a bit obsessed with Youtube, Tiktok & house name hunting. My other obsessions are music, photography, travelling, good coffee and going to restaurants.

My dream job would be blogging and doing photography for heritage listed homes and castles all over the world and getting paid for it!

Thanks for visiting and don't forget, I am on Instagram, Facebook & hope to be doing Tiktik videos soon. Hope to see you there sometime.


Why the love of names?

Some people are obsessed with cars, music, sport or their dog. I’m obsessed with names in much the same way. They just excite me. I remember perusing bookshops when I was in my early teens, checking out baby name books and searching for my name and its meaning. Lori was a popular girls name in the USA in the 1960’s but a lot less popular in Australia in the 1980’s and I rarely found it. If I did find a reference to my name, it usually just said: See Laura, or it was stated as being a short form of Lorraine or an alternative of Laura. It was frustrating. I took it personally. It was like my name was not important enough to be included books. I started wondering just how many names are out there in the world that never get a mention in those unimaginative baby name books and decided to remedy that. 

My first published book 75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century, was published by Lothian and Hachette Livre Australia. It was available for over 20 years. Beautiful Baby Names for 2023 and Global Baby Names - Celebrating Diversity are the new name books. House & Farm Names is a book on how to find a name for your home, farm, B&B, beach house, cabin, cottage, shack...

For purchasing or more information visit Amazon Author Central 

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The Wall Street Journal Article
On September 11, 2020, Lori appeared in an Article by The Wall Street Journal by journalist Alina Dizik. Click on link below.


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